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Leela Eco Spa & Studio

Leela Eco Spa & Studio offers services in Massage, Esthetics, Yoga, Natural Medicine and Intuitive Healing. We are an environmentally conscious company committed to using eco-friendly and organic products for our beloved clients. So while you are here, let go of the world, and allow us to create a personalized experience for you!

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Massage home


Relax & let our therapists use their professional skills to create a magical experience for your senses.
Yoga home


All our yoga instructors will show a basic, intermediate and advanced version of most postures.
Home acupuncture


High level wellness is more than being free from a serious disease.

We are excited to announce the joining together of Leela Yoga with Journey Yoga. This collaboration will begin on September 1st. While Leela Eco Spa will remain your place to go for massage, esthetics & Natural Medicine, all yoga classes will be held at Journey Yoga , just one block away. For more information, Please Click Here